Rules and FAQ

DJ Rules

  1. We only allow EDM (Electronic Dance Music). What is EDM? For info, click here
  2. The song length limit is 10 minutes. Anything longer than this will be automatically skipped.
  3. Playing mixes is not allowed. This means videos that play several songs sequentially. Here is an example. Mashups and remixes are allowed to be played.
  4. Songs that are on the history can not be played. Here is how you can check the history.
  5. If you are on the waitlist, we ask that you are active and involved with the community by chatting with us.
  6. Changing the title of a song or making it misleading is not allowed.
  7. Keep the videos appropriate and safe for work (SFW). NSFW content includes: nudity, gore,
  8. Do not play “troll” songs. They will be skipped and you may be kicked from the waitlist or the room.
  9. You are encouraged to play your own songs, but we request that you do not play more than three of your own tracks in a single week. They can be 3 different tracks you can play in a week or 1 single track you play 3 times in a week. This rule also applies to channel promoters. We reserve the right to skip/kick those who we feel are taking advantage of our community in order to boost channel views.
  10. Nightcore and Bassboost are not allowed, as those do not respect the artist’s original point of view on their piece.

Using Tastyplug’s /opcheck command will show you how often a song has been played the past day/week/month. If your song that is currently playing fits the criteria below, staff will be allowed to lockskip or skip it.

• A song that has already been played once today should be avoided being played again.

• A song that has been played 3 times this week is not allowed to be played.

• A song that has been played 10 times this month is not allowed to be played.

Chat Rules

  1. Do not ask for skips. If you do not like a song meh and mute it!
  2. Do not ask to be promoted. Ranks are to be earned!
  3. If people want to be your friend they will add you to their friends list themselves, do not bother them by asking for it.
  4. Do not ask for Gifts, people will gift you if they feel like it.
  5. Do not promote or share links for other communities in chat.
  6. You can only post promotion links to the artist that you are playing while you are in the DJ booth (max. twice) or when someone personally requests them.
  7. Keep your negative attitude and complaints to yourself. Remember to be respectful towards all members of the community. If someone is being rude to you, mention it to a moderator so that they can deal with it.
  8. Spamming and trolling is not tolerated in chat.
  9. You are not allowed to post NSFW material into chat.
  10. Autojoin should only be used if you are active in chat. When we are in joinmode autojoin will not work so type !join in chat if you wish to be added to the waitlist.
  11. Auto-reply and auto-chat scripts are not allowed. If you are going AFK feel free to use Tastybot’s !afk command.
  12. You’re more than welcome to help out new users in our community, but when it comes to actual moderating, please leave it to the staff team :) Mini-modding is not tolerated.
  13. If you join the room with a name that is rude/inappropriate or contains a URL, staff will remove you from the community.
  14. Remember to use common sense in the chat but also have fun!
  15. If you ever have any questions or need help, don’t be afraid to ask the staff. We are more than happy to help!


Advertisement, eh?

I want to advertise myself to get new followers.

• We have some strict rules when it comes to self-advertisement and promotion of other communities. You can’t promote another community within our tastycat chat ever. This will result in a ban from the community.

• You may only self-advertise whilst you are in the DJ-booth, or when other people request this of you. Please don’t overdo self-promotion even if you are in the DJ-booth.

Do I have to chat?

I have to go for a while will I get kicked if I don’t chat?

• If you are not in the waitlist you don’t have to worry about being removed from our community. If you are in the waitlist we would prefer if you were active and interacted with the community.

• We don’t consider wooting, mehing and grabbing songs as non-AFK activity. We remove AFK users from the waitlist to give active ones a chance to dj. It’s not fair on others if the waitlist is full of inactive users.

• Commands don’t count as activity, since Tastybot deletes those messages.

• Setting up an !afk message won’t prevent you from being removed, you will still get warned, and still need to chat.

Banned, now what?

I have been banned from Tastycat and I don’t know why. How do I get unbanned?

Staff may ban a user that has:

• Continuously broken the room rules despite being warned.

• Has done something serious such as posting a NSFW link into chat.

If you feel you have been wrongly banned by one of our staff, you can send us a message on Facebook.

We will do our best to respond to your ban appeal as soon as we are able to do so!

How to get the black cat?

I want to have the black cat avatar that other people have, can I?

• The black cat avatar is for the Tastycat staff only, we have this avatar because our community is partnered together with itself. Please refrain from asking staff as we do not give staff to people who ask or for this.

DJ History

Can I see which songs have played earlier in the day?

• You can check the song history by clicking the clock icon at the top, to the right of the volume. Can’t find it? Click HERE

• You can add songs from the History list to your playlists by clicking the + button to the right of the song title.

How can I be the DJ?

I want to be the DJ and play a song I have selected but I don’t know how.

• When we are in joinmode, you can simply type !join into the chat to be added to the joinqueue! The bot will choose a random user from the joinqueue and add them to the waitlist! You will only need to use the command once. Autojoin will not work when there are users in the joinqueue since the waitlist will be locked.

• When we are using the regular waitlist system you will need to spam the orange “Join Waitlist” button. A spot on the waitlist will open up after every song so you will need to be quick as there will be lots of users doing the same thing! You may use an autojoiner, however this won’t secure you a place on the waitlist; will only increase your chances of getting onto it!

• Just remember o be patient if you are waiting to join the waitlist! There are plenty of other users trying to do the same thing as you so it may take a while to join.

How to reduce lag?

I am lagging the whole time, what can I do to reduce this?

• You can reduce the lag by reducing the cap of the avatars. One way to change this is by going to settings, which you can access when you click on your name, choose settings and then adjust the “cap avatars” slider. You can set it anywhere between 1 and 200. A quicker way to reduce this is by using the command “/cap 1”

• Another way to reduce lag is by turning off dancing avatars, which you can also turn off in settings.

• Enabling video only mode will also help to solve performance issues that you may be experiencing.

How do points/exp work?

How do I gain XP and PlugPoints and what do they do?

• How to gain XP:

-You gain XP every 5 minutes that you spend on the site, up to a maximum of 6 hours per day. After 6 you will reach your daily XP cap, daily XP caps reset at midnight GMT.

-XP helps you to level up! Leveling will let you unlock more avatars and site features!

• How to gain PlugPoints:

-PlugPoints are points that are earned through your activity on the site. Plug points are a currency that you can use to purchase avatars and badges site features that you’ve unlocked with your XP.

-You can also buy a name change with your Plug Points, remember to check out the Extras Shop section, but remember you need to be level 5 to purchase one.

How to become staff?

There is one important rule if you want to become staff and that is DO NOT ask to become staff.

I have good music and want to become a RDJ, how?

• If you want to become an RDJ show us what you’ve got by playing your own music. Be careful though that you do not overplay your own music! If a staff member is starting to like your music there is a chance that you will be nominated for RDJ, although it is not only about the music you make it’s also about your behavior within our community. Remember: Rome wasn’t built within a day. Getting RDJ is not an instant achievement, patience is the key.

How do I become a bouncer?

• Our staff team is always on the look-out for helpful and friendly users that have the best interest in our community. Once we see these traits in you and think that you’ve got what it takes to become a bouncer within our community we will approach you, not the other way around.

How do I become a manager?

• The hosts/co-hosts are the ones to decide when it’s time to promote a new manager. This rarely occurs.

What is Tastyplug?

Tastyplug is our official room plugin that gives you some awesome features while you’re in the room! Type /commands in chat to get a full list of commands for Tastyplug and even a link to Tastybot commands! Grab Tastyplug here!

Tastyplug Features:


• This automatically woots every song!


• This feature will try to automatically add you to the waitlist when there is a spot open. Note that when we are in join mode this feature won’t be able to get you onto the waitlist so use the !join command in chat if you want to join it.

Hide Video

• This will hide the video for the current track. This feature turns off when songs change.

Legacy Chat

• Legacy Chat will give you the old chat style!

Booth Alert

• Booth alert will remind you, when you are at spot 3(default), to choose a song and will opcheck the next song on your playlist.

• You can change what position you want to be notified using the /boothnotify command.

Chat Images

• When this is enabled, images posted in chat will be displayed.

Custom Emotes

• You will be able to see all of the custom emotes Tastyplug lets you use! Full Tastyplug emote list here.


• With Tastymojis you can change plug’s basic emojis for iOS, Twitter or Android ones!

Chat Mentions

• You can setup custom chat mentions with this feature!

Join Notifs

• You can set Tastyplug to post a notification in chat whenever your friends join the room!

• There is also an option to notify you whenever a ranked user joins the room too!

People getting moved up the waitlist?

Why are people getting moved up the waitlist?

Tastybot will add and move users up the list when:

• Someone has used the !dc command to get their spot on the watilist back after disconnecting.

• Users that have won the hourly lottery and have accepted it by using the !accept command will be added and boosted to position 5 on the waitlist.

• A Resident DJ has requested to be boosted to play a WIP or a new track they have made (this is a privilege that RDJs of the room have).