Adam Tell's FICTION party [ April 22nd ]

June 7, 2015

Hello, Kittens! Welcome to the end of may, where we finally bring you a break down of what happened back in April. We apologise for the constant delays in our write-ups – we freely admit that we’re still getting used to the whole website sort of thing and we’re hoping to be a little quicker with our pieces.

ANYWAY, it is now time for us to take a trip back to April 22nd when we celebrated the launch of Adam Tell’s brand spanking new EP: “FICTION” with the man himself, along with a few buddies.

As with all things, there is a beginning, and this particular event began with a personalised message in English and Japanese from one of our newest friends: Manchester-based Sky-Fi. Her “Ice Cream Dream” Mix bringing some real happy-go-lucky tunes to the energetic crowd. Ski-Fi introduced us up to her special brand of “Kawaii-step” straight from the off – getting us nodding our collective heads and pricking up our newly-found neko ears to the sound of Henrik the Artist “Naked”.

Never before have we been able to describe a mix as “cute” before, but this is truly the only way this can be done. The pan-pipes and kitten meows in Yoshi & Komono’s “Okinawa” causing Sinful to think it “should be from Mario Sunshine for the gamecube”, which is of course the happiest game ever made (FACT).

From this, we are taken through Capturelight and Deal Wit It before eventually coming to an absolutely fantastic Wave Racer remix of “Best Friend” by Foster The People – flooding the chat will all things sugoi before forcing us to perhaps calm down a little with a laid back Cashmere Cat remix of Miguel’s “Do You…”. A switch made just in time, as the amount of cute anime gifs could have been slowly breaking the room.

Essentially, Ski-Fi took us on a real adventure and simply cannot be pinned down by a single genre or just a handful of sentences. She shows no fear in deviating from the usual wubs that we have become so used to lately and is proud of her heavy video game influences being visible, with Yoshi sounds and pokemon sounds popping up throughout. This mix was truly a delight to listen to – like getting an extra flake and extra sauce on your ice cream cone. LISTEN HERE!

We then caught up with Imlay and his adventures in Abstract Bass and tasty snares. Imlay has been at the source of many a wave recently with his mix of Palisades’ “Mind Games” and has been given a fantastic write-up already by As with so many of the artists we have been so lucky to attract to our community, the hype was very much justified.

Early on we were lulled into a false sense of security with mainly chilled DnB tracks floating through the air, even a nice bit of “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone” putting on the nostalgia glasses for a few of our older users, but then suddenly we were ordered by the master to “CHECK MY TRAP” as What So Not’s “Jaguar” gave us a few good, short slaps across the face (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Much like Sky-Fi, Imlay’s mix was energetic and filled to the absolute brim with positivity, but this does appear to come with a weakness, as he admitted he does not enjoy making tunes in a minor key – a sentiment somewhere shared by Sky-fi, though her issue arises when trying to compose in major. This sort of technical talk gave us a real insight into the issues that come when trying to come up with that next piece that one can be proud of. Somethings that Imlay was clearly proud of are his latest track “Gaze” and the ID – Empress released on April 27th. Both pieces being more than worthy of any playback device. Please do listen to the whole mix as it will brighten even the most sour of moods.

As Imlay was taking a bow at the end of the set, we were unexpectedly visited by Protostar who dropped a few words of encouragement onto our RDJs and made an effort to chat to our users for as long as his schedule allowed, the only side-effect being the minor fangirl-attack suffered by Suggestive as she appears to have his latest track “Genesis” on repeat. Oh dear…

Northern pride swelled to almost breaking point as the 20 year old Producer from Leeds known as Dec3mber blew us away with some good old Fox Stevenson before switching up into “Hyperreality”, something that was described as being “HOT HOT HOOOOOOOT”. We think that sums things up nicely. Not much time for reflection however as those pesky dance numbers just kept coming at us, including a “SPICY” number from Salam Alaykom.

Do not take Dec3mber’s young age and baby-faced appearance for weaknesses by any means, as with 4 years in music-making already under his belt, he has learned a great deal. Unfortunately as the mix is no-longer available on soundcloud, you will simply have to take our word for it, but the crowd’s reaction as we were taken from tunes such as “Bad Man” and the Quest! Remix of “Hyperreality” into much lighter, hip-hop tracks such as Lonemoon’s “Hop & Skip” were absolutely insane.

As we briefly mentioned: unfortunately the mix is no longer available to be listened to, but we can say that it ended on the much more calmer notes of Koan Sound to really chill us out from what was certainly a very energetic set. The only links we can offer you here are:

…Unfortunately the calming effect was rendered somewhat useless as we were punched in the face by the bass of 19 year old producer Sub.Sound. “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR” Gwen Stafani would ask repeatedly. A moment to breathe would have been nice but it never came as instead we were pulled through a high-octane blast of bass featuring Virtual Riot, Diskord and Flux Pavillion. A mix heavy enough it made Sheresingh swear. Have a listen for yourself, but we recommend that there are no people of a sensitive nature around.

The thud of the bass must have caused some sort of disturbance, because it brought several people to the yard: admin Babewaves popped in originally “for a check-up” but ended up being unable to leave despite the threat of being fired and we were also visited by our old friend Pandasian who we were overjoyed to see after what has been quite a long absence.

But not only these two. There was a third person. Someone who had been lurking in the background since the beginning and helped a great deal in putting this event together.

But more on that later.

Man of the moment Adam Tell took his place at the front to show us his stuff. Apparently writing songs since the age of 12, Adam lists Imogen Heap, Tennyson, Haywyre and Coldplay as just a few of his influences and his music absolutely reflects this – focusing on nice melodies and “dry vocals” rather than sheer ferocity, radiating what Sinful calls “an indie feel to it” which was adored by us all. “Be prepared for a surprise” the opening lyrics said…

How could we have been prepared for this?How could we have been prepared for the silliness that came with Lady Gaga’s “Knower”? How could we have been prepared for the feels that came with Coldplay’s “Another’s Arms”? And how could we have been prepared for the sheer chills from Imogen Heap?

A comment from p0k3st4r sums everything up for us: I’ve always been impressed by @Adam Tell and his music, but I always love his mixes too due to the diversity and styles of music!

We agree with you completely and we wish Adam all the best of luck with the EP and whatever else lies in the future. His mix can be found here

The EP itself.

So we came to our special guest…


sheresingh HEYOO!

Suggestive AYYYY FOX

Adam Tell @Fox Stevenson he’s here!!


Sweet Panda hello

Jsoul HOLY

histed hi

Emsify hola!

H a l l y He talked.. Imma faint

And the community went wild…

We are incredibly thankful to Fox Stevenson for joining us in our little celebration. As expected, his set was packed with all his classics, along with some unreleased tracks as well. Because of this, we can’t provide you with a link to the mix as it has now been removed but we do not lie when we tell you that actual tears were shed by the bucket-load. We do however have: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter so please do follow him in whatever way you can.

We need some time to recover..!