Lost in The Future [March 13th event]

May 14, 2015

Lately Future Bass was rising within the EDM communities and we’ve caught on with the event on March 13th, with the intent of getting everyone ‘Lost in The Future’!

To start of the party, VOIA - the mysterious mech with mind-blowing skill of glitchy electronic tunes, has taken the DJ Booth right on! We’ve been surprised by the intro, in which VOIA himself has spoken, hoping we will enjoy the show,  which we certainly got hyped for!  After such intro, it rolled into “Auberinge”  , being one of the tracks for the “WWW Collective”. Have  You heard of it before? If not, definitely should check it out, seems like an interesting project with positive vibes!  

Seamless transitions into Grynpyret’s ‘I Forgive’  and continuous introduction to not-so-mainstream , amazing music, surely made the set amazing. It ended it with one of his favorite Japanese pop girl group’s Perfume tracks bootlegged by Jonathan Kane !

Right after the first set, it was JPB’s  turn and he’s arranged a Plug.dj playlist to play, starting off with a release of his on NCS - High. The playlist had tracks from artists we’ve not  heard that much in our community before, such as Chahine, Trippy Turtle, World Class Art Thieves , Bearson!  

JPB was farly new in our community and easily fit in with his great sense for music :)

Resonare was next,  a producer from India, who surely has potential to do great things and already appeared on EDM.com! He’s prepared a mix to play for us, and it might’ve been one of the trippiest yet chill sets we’ve heard so far. It had few of our favorites in it, as well as few tasty picks we’ve put into our own playlists to listen to again, after the event.

After the  1 and a half hour it was Michael Herrera’s turn and we were in for a treat - a 45 min mix! He often would come to our community and share some of his favorite picks, so hearing a lot of his likes in one seamless track was damn amazing! Michael Herrera has been promoted on many Youtube channels and  is a part of Amorous Collective, appeared on EDM.com as well and actively making music, recently showed up on Chill Trap Records.

And last but not least - Auvic! He’s prepared a mix for us as well, but it was taken down! :( A producer who makes his own sounds from scratch and has some great tunes online, and most recent EP  ”Voices Call “ is a great example of how hard working he is.