Feb 28th - #TASTYBYTES!

May 7, 2015

Our THIRD event in a single month sees us rolling with another whopping five artists showcasing their gems for free, thanks to the wonders of the Internet! We were lucky enough to host Modulation, Kick the Habit, DJ Braindead, Joe Zay and The Brig in what turned out to be the craziest event we have held so far. Now enough of the fluff, let’s get on to the meat.

Modulation: the first of our artists for the night, hails from Israel and has been slowly chipping away at the Electro-House scene since mid 2011. Despite being only 20 years old, his music is already becoming well-known thanks to its slick producing and some killer basslines. This bare-bones description doesn’t give anywhere near enough credit to this young producer, as it is safe to say we were thoroughly blown away by what we witnessed:

The “Super Electro House All Time Set” that Modulation played for us was full of top class party tunes spanning a whole variety of different genres. He said himself that he enjoys to work with “many styles, deep house, progressive house, electro, glitch and even drumstep”, meaning we were constantly left wondering what was next. There were links we could not have imagined and yet it worked absolutely perfectly thanks to his sheer skill.

We were lucky enough to have an insight into just how much work he puts into these sets. With each transition into a new tune, Modulation would comment on why that particular track was chosen, with one song in particular being chosen due to it having a drop that “is probably one of the craziest I ever heard in my life”. Perhaps more touching: when playing his own song “Groovy Movie”, he discussed how “this song changed my life, and so much stuff happen to me after that i released it”, we could almost see the smile behind those words. After hitting us all straight in the feels with some Gemini, Modulation decided to then crank up the speed up to 11 and from then on, things were a blur of bass and synth. We believe PhonalVogg probably summarized it best in just a single gif

Modulation has made it absolutely clear that he is eager to connect to anyone who enjoys his music and has been kind enough to provide us with a whole host of links, including his personal Facebook page. We encourage you to have a look and follow him, as we are sure there is greatness in his future (and we intend to be there). If you fancy lingering in the past just a little longer, then check out the mix on SoundCloud

Our next set came from the pair who need absolutely no introduction: our great friends Kick The Habit. We have come to know these two a lot over the past few months and it was our pleasure to have them back with us once again for another hour of heart-stopping beats in their “Sick Tapes Vol. 2”.

Their set featured a lot of Tastycat staples: Galantis, their own songs “Bitches”, “Work Hard” and “Ten Time Bigger” mixed with a whole conveyor belt of party hits. The real surprise however came in the form of Aazar’s “Masala” which added an interesting eastern flavour that got all of us bringing out our inner Bollywood.

Kick the Habit never fail to get the crowd worked up and as always our community lapped up the Glitch Hop as if it were a last meal. We wouldn’t have settled for anything less from them. Keep up the habit just a bit longer here

Dj Braindead is another well respected artist we have managed to coax into Tastycat. With over 10 years on the scene, he is now regarded as one of the leading producers in Israel. Following some dabbling in Hip-Hop and other genres, Braindead soon came full circle and has returned to his love of House, Breakbeat and Dubstep.

The set itself was jam packed with over 50 songs; a mix of old and new, spanning a whole plethora of different genres

Joe Zay also helped us a great deal in this particular mission, mainly thanks to him offering up several of his tunes up for free and showing off a couple of unfinished works such as “I’ll Make You Feel Good” (and by golly did he accomplish that). Zay’s LoL-inspired Glitch-Hop was a white-knuckle attraction that left us screaming (for real) for more. Thankfully we have the pleasure of being able to offer you the chance to listen to a couple of things for as long as you wish…check out the following links for delicious, free downloads: o-mi-god. You can see how these were worked into the set over here

…And finally we rocked things up with The Brig and their “Cyber Mix”, setting things alight with Teminite’s “Highscore”, a real Tastycat classic. Now if that didn’t get the blood pumping, then what is to follow just might: a user by the name of Midax decided to draw our attention to the possibility of a video floating about featuring a very naked Brig… =Everyone’s reaction= …You’ll unfortunately have to hunt for this yourselves.

Back to the music and once again we were treated like royalty as we were given the first glympse of “Puppet”, a track which really will push your eardrums to the limit. We were also gifted with The Brig’s remix of “Good Boy” which once again will blow your mind, so please do consider wearing mind-exploding protection of some sort, before hopping over to this link Also,  Not forgetting the set in its glory HERE!

We had Feed Me, Galantis, Kick The Habit…Many MANY big names flew past over the course of the night – not that we had much time to get hung up on a single tune before the next one picked us up and swept us along down the river. This truly was a night where self control flew out of the window. Ah, that’s a good point…we should consider trying to recover git from off the ceiling…

Until next time, kittens.

Modulation on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Kick The Habit on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Dj Braindead on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Joe Zay on Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

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