End of the month, The Brig’s Release Party!

April 2, 2015

Aaaarg! Just as we were about to walk the plank with March, we had to bring you The Brig’s release party! What better way to sail the seas than with Sky-Fi, IMLAY, The Brig, Rob Gasser, Andromulus, REVOKE, and Foxsky!

First up to the deck was Sky-Fi, bringing groovy tunes to the entire ship! The room was hesitant at first, but quickly opened up their hearts to her wonderful mix! Lasting a total of 31 minutes, Sky-Fi’s mix brought us a different taste of the EDM spectrum! The flow between songs was fantastic, you could even see some users mention that they didn’t even notice the transition between the songs. One of the users who was away from plug even said “I come back to an event without knowing.” Well done, I’d say!

Sky-Fi was quite active in the chat, chatting with all sorts of users. Some who were her fans and others who were soon to be; I know I am now! However, Sky-Fi’s mix was coming to an end, so we all started trying to grab her mix for our playlists before it finished. As we moved on to the next DJ, we looked in the room history seeing the mix received 70 grabs! Now that’s gold!

Up next was IMLAY, and right off the bat the mix received 20 grabs! Incredible! Within several minutes you could hear traces of some lovely artists, one of which Tastycat listens to a lot (is quite fond of?), ODESZA. Alongside the other artists was a personal track by IMLAY. The track titled ‘ID’ (The untitled track) was an instant hit for the room!

During the mix I asked IMLAY what inspired them and their response was “I’m Korean so I’m inspired from oriental culture.” How interesting I said, as their next comment was “this track goes harder” (I feel like this could be reworded, sounds awkward). Within a few seconds the bass built up, and we all know how much Tastycat loves bass! Minutes later, the grabs were at 30, and continuing to rise!

All through the chat you could see hearts being sent back and forth between the artists, giving compliments to each other! It was a warming sight to see. They even started sharing hearts with the community users, it sure put a smile on our faces! (Sounds repetitive, but it can stay if you like it :P)

As the bass in IMLAY’s mix started slowing down, so did the mix itself. I looked back at the timer and there was only 2 minutes left! How did this happen? The music was so good I didn’t even notice the time go by! As I was trying to grasp how this happened, the last 2 minutes finished up, leaving the grab total at 52, wow!

The ship kept on sailing! The Brig was up next and like a cannon, they shot through our boundaries, exploding with the start of their mix! It was wild! You could see the chat go crazy as they didn’t expect such a start. 7 minutes in and the chat started picking up. Everyone was psyched for the release! Some of the regulars started posting their favorite reaction gifs! It was so exciting!

5 minutes left to the mix and The Brig is still going hard, bringing Tastycat some heavy dubstep and drum & bass. You could tell the crowd was ecstatic! However, we couldn’t hold on for long and their mix eventually ended with 64 grabs!

As the event continued, you could tell the crowd was still as happy as ever! Rob Gasser was up next and being one of Tastycat’s favorites, he took the spotlight and the grabs started piling up! 50 grabs and still 10 minutes left! Could you imagine? The music was so clean and strong, you could tell how much effort went into it!

Rob Gasser was killing it! I didn’t want it to end, and I could see that neither did many others. But I knew that just like Elsa from Frozen, I had to let it go… Rob Gasser ended his set with 67 grabs, that’s insane! Andromulus was up next and the event was still hot!

2 hours into the event and everything is going smoothly! One user, PolarYouth was enjoying the event so much, he commented about fainting! (Eh…) It was that good! We all were having fun chatting with the artists, we didn’t even realize there was only three artists left! You had to have been there! 79 grabs to end Andromulus’s set, not bad!

Are you keeping up, cause I sure am having a hard time! REVOKE takes the booth, and I suddenly hear a mention sound coming from one of Tastycat’s managers, sheresingh. “@sinful should totes do an @everyone and tell them to grab.” Challenge accepted! Another manager then gives me the message “GRAB or RIOT” and I sent the comment! The chat goes crazy! RIOT! RIOT! RIOT! The grabs suddenly climbed, going up from 20 to 50! Remarkable! REVOKE’s mix ended in due time with 65 grabs total.

Last but not least was Foxsky! Near the end of REVOKE’s mix, Foxsky was still missing! Where was he? One might say he was off playing Super Smash Bros, but he finally showed up! He jumped up on stage and brought with him some sick tunes! He even included a video for his mix! You could see him say “This video took me 5 hours.” How about that for dedication!?

Foxsky’s set is blowing up Tastycat, so how about another @everyone? Well, mission accomplished! GRAB OR RIOT! We’re aiming for 100! You could tell the room is having a blast! The mix along with the video is a perfect combination of enjoyment. We’re already at 79 grabs with 15 minutes left! 100 grabs or riot!

What seemed like only 30 minutes, the event came to an end, finishing with Foxsky! His mix reaching 100 grabs and beyond for a total of 112. AWESOME! But now it’s over…. Well, time for an after party!

A huge thanks to these wonderful artists and to The Brig for hosting their EP Release Party in our community! Check out The Brig’s EP here as well as their label, Crime Kitchen.

You can find the soundclouds of the artists here: