Not quite finished yet, party 20th of February!

March 9, 2015

We’re not finished with Feburary just yet, as on the 20 need friends and so who better to join us than the likes of Priority One, Champion, Wavelen and Bustre? Let’s make an event of it? Why not?! A Drum and Bass night! “Mmmmm drum and bass” we hear Sinful say…

The UK clock hit 9, the crowd were waiting expectantly and suddenly we hit a host of technical problems. Whoops. Time for Maintenance Mode. Anarchy reigned at Tastycat HQ as Panic stations were mounted, tears were shed, tables flipped and the team armed themselves with staplers.

But after a couple of minutes we were back to normal. Sort of. As we attempted to wipe off the warpaint we accidentally applied using black permanent marker, Bristol­based Priority One stepped up and started us off with a nice little bit of NCT to set us right in our ways and get us back on the road to recovery. This was followed up with The Prototypes ­ Just Bounce and a VIP of Culture Shock – Troglodyte.

Now we know we talk about seamless transitions here, but this set really was something else. Never before have we heard a mix so slick whilst holding on to its energy. It is absolutely clear the Priority One knows exactly how to work a crowd, as when he took us from “Deadlock” to “Run Riot” the community went insane – those seven long years of being in “the biz” absolutely paying off. We had to keep the staplers on standby, just in case.

Deadmau5, Doctor P and Dimension made brief showings as the playlist went on, each and every one of them being positively received by the crowd. Kove & Dimension’s “Feel Love Again” perhaps earning the biggest cheer of the set. As time went on, we were really happy to learn that Priority One is a very kind person, as not only was he pleasing the e crowd with his tunes, but was taking the time to answer questions thrown at him rather unexpectedly. “What’s your favourite cheese?” someone asked.

A whole hour flew right by us and before we knew it, Priority One’s set was done, finishing with a florish to the sound of Virtual Riot’s “Nightmare”, yet despite his set being over – he stayed with us for what was to come, still answering questions for at least another three hours. That is dedication.

Onwards to Champion, the 24 year old based in Hamburg and one of Tastycat’s most played producers. When we were able to get in touch with him, you can only imagine how starstruck we were when he agreed to play for us, so of course we had very high hopes for this set.

We were not left disappointed!

Champion mixed things up with an incredible pace, leaving one of our poor users, Rikatan struggling to keep up with reality. There was, however some logic within the madness which thankfully he was kind enough to explain: “its because everyone of us is used to play in clubs and on festivals ­ people get boredso quickly” So that’s fair enough. Survival of the fittest in a musical scenario.

Again, Champion is incredibly kind to the community…answering questions, throwing a few jokes about and generally engaging the crowd as much as possible with Pendulum, Maduk and his own work providing a more than adequate soundtrack to this part of the evening.

But as always, time is forever plodding forwards and eventually we had to let Champion step down from the deck in a blaze of glory, the words of Neveragain_GC, a visiting BA: “your track choices are superb” an understatement for certain.

Taking the reins next was Wavelen who has already been sharing stages with the likes of Pendulum and Nymfo. Here is a man who has a very bright future ahead in the EDM world th we decided to have a little party. Parties and we were about to find out why…

Wavelen’s set was a highly polished showcase of old and new. Recent tracks by The Prodigy were nicely complemented by the timeless classics of The Fugees and Earth, Wind and Fire. Though unconventional it proved to be a massive hit as the crowd could don their nostalgia goggles and mull over new tunes at the same time.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that we had time to sit and think about the state of things, goodness no. In fact rather the opposite! When we were ordered by Wavelen himself to GET DOWN LOW, we knew we were in for a treat, poor H A L L Y couldn’t handle Mattix & Futile’s “Snap”, but then again not many of us could. We believe there was mention of someone lying on the floor in an attempt to recover…Wonder how that went…

AND FINALLY for our last segment we had the nothing­short­of­unbelieveable Bustre. A real gentleman who treated us all to some unreleased tracks! Bustre took great pride in each and every tune he played, this was plain to see, but his own works are the real gems that shone throughout. “Riftwalk”, “Empire”, “Shadow” and “El Psy Congroo” have been on repeat for hours now because they are simply fantastic.

Like Priority One; Bustre took many questions from the community whilst trying to juggle his playlist, as due to some errors resurfacing we were hit with a few hitches. Unfortunately we did lose chat several times due to “splits”, but we have been assured that communities on all sides of the splits enjoyed themselves throughly!

It was a very long night for some of us here at Tastycat due to the hiccups briefly mentioned earlier and we do apologise for the fact that a lot of the evening has been lightly covered (or not at all). This is something that we will need to learn from so we can hopefully have some sort of fallback plan in case (god forbid) something along those lines happen again. We’re happy however that the feedback we have had so far has been golden. You make the struggles worth it. Thank you.

Now enough of the emotional rubbish, as we are sure you would like details on how to follow our friends!

Priority One: