Love is in the air, every sight and every sound...

March 9, 2015

Little did Mr. Young know that those particular sounds would come from a celebration of all things Glitch Hop as our friends Virtual Riot release their new EP. Not only that, but this was served up with a side of Hip­hop laced DnB in the form of Splitbreed, a gourmet meal that would satisfy even the most discerning of palettes…and they said that Friday 13th would only bring chaos!

So, as is always polite, we began with our guests. The trio that call themselves Splitbreed list Bikram yoga and long walks on the beach as some of their interests, but the nights are spent knocking the socks off unsuspecting party­goers with their fast paced mixes that could collapse buildings with their sheer force. The fact they decided to kick off their set with Tick Tick Boom (Razihel ft. Splitbreed) a not so subtle hint of what was to come.

Not even five minutes in and we have Splitbreed’s own “WGAF”, a track that the perfect business card for the group as it perfectly represents the trio’s abilty to effortlessly blend several genres into a single, banging tune. The community at this point hyped beyond measure – this was not going to be a set that would simply warm us up for the main event, this much was obvious.

The set marched on with a fantastic mix of artists, with Muzzy, Kid Cudi and Pegboard Nerds all making an appearance – you couldn’t go for longer than 30 seconds without someone screaming “CHOOOOOOONE” in chat…We really wish we could have taken some screens of just how hyped the community was and we certainly hope that Splitbreed enjoyed their time with us as we believe a few tears were shed when we came to realise that “Wonder” was their final track of the night.

But it was not THE final track of the night, of course.

On came Virtual Riot with the cocky Glitch Hop that we have come to love here in Tastycat. We would not accept anything less than perfection. As the first few seconds of “Carrier” passed, the first thing that was said? “[fudge] yeah, Virtual Riot!”. It was a signal for us to buckle up. Destination? A heartrate of over 100bpm. They wanted to see us to be begging for more and that is exactly what happened.

We have come to know Virtual Riot as something like a sledgehammer recently, as we had breath­taking drops in Vaski’s “Baddest” leading on to more melodic moments in their very own “Different World” only to have our heads shaken around again not 15 seconds later; this set really was one for the books. We think Sheresingh may have concussion from bopping too much and too hard to the sound of Far Too Loud’s “600 Years”.

Once again we were graced with a conveyor belt of great artists: Knife Party, Flux Pavillion and Nero all featuring, but as this event was to celebrate their own EP, their own tracks were the stars, with “Gangsters” hitting us around 20 minutes in to a crowd that had turned in to some sort of sentient mash by this point. Incapable of actual speech but still able to bounce like the best of them. Some of the community stating they needed to take a shower as “the mix is so dirty”.

Trying to shake ourselves off was beginning to prove fruitless as we were greeted by “Bandwagons”, “Gem Shards” and “Power Stomp” one after the other with absolutely seamless transitions that hit their marks like a pinpoint strike. The crowd were positively begging for the track listing and a download link – there were also questions about Ainsley Harriot for some reason, but we imagine that is another story entirely.

All in all, this set left us visibly bruised from just how hard it rocked, but that is how we like it. A very happy community and a visibly please Riot ended our event with the promise of more fun to come in the future…We have Disciple Recordings to thank for this, as they were the ones to approach us. We are indebted to you.

As always, we are truly thankful to all those who took part! You can find more information about everyone involved, along with their sets, right here:

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